The Loudoun Medical Group premium patient care and comprehensive services that make our member practices thrive. Our executive leadership team demonstrates the expertise and proactive management that have made LMG the Washington, D.C. region’s leading physician owned medical group.

LMG excels in preventive services, health management, and procedures. Physicians from all disciplines can take advantage of our exceptional systems and services that enable efficiencies and allow you to focus on your patients. Our talented professionals assure that your patients experience top quality customer care and have access to a comprehensive network of premier medical providers. LMG focuses on collaboration, leveraging resources, and celebrating the doctor patient relationship.

Loudoun Medical Group provides complete administrative and marketing services to physicians. We are a physician-owned firm dedicated to providing management services and systems to our fellow medical practitioners. Our systems and services are designed to assist physicians deliver high-quality patient-centered care while remaining competitive and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

We welcome select physicians with the vision and energy to contribute to our organization and the community. If you would like to further discuss your goals, please call 703-737-6006 or email